Strong Adventurous Women!

3 month Super star Fitness Transformation!

For the woman is is ready for lasting change!

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Replenish, recharge and rejuvenate!!

If you’re ready to…

Curb sugar cravings, burn fat and build a super fit, strong and healthy body.

What if you had the information you needed to succeed when it comes to your fat loss goals?

What if you had the total support and motivation to avoid temptation and feel more confident and stronger every day?

Don’t you want to feel healthier, stronger, and more energetic so you can climb those mountains?

Get your energy back, so you can have move forward confidently and seek out all of your adventures.  

Bid exhaustion buh-bye, and hit the “restart” button on your body.


Are you ready to get to the bottom of things and see results?

Are you ready to get fit, and build a super strong hiker's body that feels amazing??

I have created a complete, easy to follow training program that will reboot your bodies natural metabolic system.  This program uses cutting edge SCIENCE combining effective workout and nutrition strategies.  You will reboot your body’s natural metabolic system from burning sugar as fuel to burning fat as fuel. You will feel confident, amazing, health and in control of your body again. This program is a stepping stone above and next level from my Jumpstart to Metabolic Reboot plan. If you are ready for results, to take action and get to the bottom of things then this is for you! 

This program combines macro nutrition balancing strategies (which help curb sugar cravings) with simple workouts that you can do at home- less than 30 minutes.  The workouts are designed for you the hiking woman. These workouts will help you build lean muscle, burn fat and strengthen your hiking muscles which will contribute toward injury prevention. 

NO diets, NO counting and tracking and NO impossible long workouts.

I know you have tried all of the things.  

You deserve to be happy and healthy.

  • no more tired afternoons
  • no more confusing fad diets and trends
  • no more mood swings
  • no more confusion about what workouts to do

And I'm here to help.

I Created This Program for 5 Big Reasons:

  1. Everyone seems to be confused about what to eat! Why stay stuck in info overwhelm when you can use one program that teaches you how to fuel your body with macro nutrition balancing strategies.
  2. I wanted to empower YOU (yeah, you!) with the right tools so that you can fuel and train your body to be the healthiest it can be. This will help you with endurance and stamina for climbing those peaks!
  3. The world needs to know it’s possible to EAT MORE FOOD and exercise less. With the correct strategies you can transform your body this way. You can build a super fit, strong healthy body without dieting and without crazy hours in the gym!
  4. You deserve to enjoy higher self esteem and live confidently!
  5. You deserve a program loaded with all the recipes and step-by-step instructions you need to naturally lose fat and get strong!

Take a few seconds to visualize how you will feel when you have.......

High Energy

You’ll feel amazing and increased natural energy  when you nourish your body with proper nutrition and engage in physical workouts. You can make it through the workday without coffee or sugary snacks. Promise!)

a strong athletic pro fat burning body

Say hello to lean muscle and increased strength.  When you dial in your macros combined with the right workouts….You will crank up your metabolism, big time.

No More Cravings

You will learn how to tune into your hunger and nourish body.  You will learn how to macro balance your nutrition setting you up for success. Say good bye to those afternoon cookie and candy cravings! 


3 month transormartion

For hiking women

This is a delicious adventure of discovery and releasing what’s no longer serving you – both physically and emotionally.

  • You’ll feel increased energy
  • You will build a fit, strong, lean, healthy athletic body
  • Your fight with food can stop being such an uphill battle
  • You wipe the slate clean – and give your body a whole new beginning.
  • Build calorie burning lean muscle with at home workouts- no equipment required.

Prep week starts November 8th!

Here is what you get in my 3 month transormation program

Weekly coaching calls with me

This program includes weekly 1 hour coaching calls with me for a total of 12 1 hour coaching calls over 3 months! We will work together on your goals so you feel set up for success. We will brainstorm together around challenges and focus on mindset as a tool for success.

Customized training plan

You are going to get a 3 month training plan that is customized to your goals. The plan will include a similar set up to my reboot. This means you will have core/ stability, HIIT strength and interval training plan in addition to your long slow distance hike. This will be dependent on your goals. All of the workouts will be similar to what you saw in the reboot. You will get a customized training plan with the videos and explanation of interval workouts. After you sign up and we have an initial consultation then I will prepare the training plan based on your goals.

Goal setting worksheet

You will get a goal setting worksheet which will be similar to the one in my reboot. Here you will continue to work on your goals and revise things over the next three months.

Recipe guide

In my reboot you learned about macros balancing. We will continue with this during the next 3 months. You will get a new recipe guide with over 67 whole food, nutrient dense recipes. Complete Recipe Manual filled with whole-foods based, incredible recipes like Butternut Squash Soup, Citrus Fish Tacos, Award-Winning Chili, Cilantro Lime Chicken, and a Chocolate Avocado Smoothie.

Getting started checklist

This checklist will give you guidance as you set up for success!

Unbelievable Bonuses

A dining out swap guide, a healthy snack guide and my meal prep for success guide!


The 3 month Transformation  program meets you where you exactly where you are right now… And then leads you to where you want to go. This is for you if are ready to get to the bottom of it. You are ready to create lasting change. You desire accountability, motivation and inspiration.

To effectively and efficiently flip your bodies metabolic fat burning switch so that you can get fit, hike long and build a strong body that feels energized, strong and healthy.  Here is what you are going to do.

  • You will do effective strength workouts, interval training and core workouts.  These sessions will push you out of your comfort zone .  This is going to help you build lean muscle, shed abdominal fat and burn a loft of calories.  You only need 30 minutes a day!  The core workouts will help you get strong for hiking and backpacking and set up to prevent injuries. 
  • You will continue to learn how to fuel and nourish your body with macro nutrient strategies.  You will learn what to eat, when to eat at the right times.  This is going to help you balance your blood sugars, curb sugar cravings, rev your metabolism and burn fat naturally!
  • You will get your gut health in order by decreasing inflammation.  The nutrition strategies will help you with food selection optimal for eliminating inflammation and supporting digestion.
  • You will be coached by me.  I will be there to cheer you on and help you see your accomplishments. This transformation program includes weekly coaching calls with me for a total or 12 calls! 
  • You will learn mindset strategies that will help you build a solid foundation setting you up for success.

Here's what's waiting for you inside the program:

28 day recipe guide

Get a taste of healthy living, one delicious bite at a time. All of my recipes are nutrient dense whole food recipes that can be tailored to your needs!

A TWELVE week fitness program!

This includes three videos a week and two interval training workouts that you can do on the trail or in the gym. You will get your fitness program one week after our initial call. During this call I will ask you questions and create the fitness plan based on your needs. The workouts will be similar to the ones you did in my reboot. You will have a guide and videos to follow.

Weekly coaching calls with me!

On these calls we will get down to the nitty gritty!


Take a Look at these amazing bonuses!

If you sign up right now and PAY IN FULL you'll get ACCESS TO THREE BONUSES totally FREE!

Bonus #1

A hiking snack guide with delicious recipes to fill your pack with! 

Bonus #2

Get my Kick the sugar cravings to the curb guide! This includes some amazing sugar free recipes and my worksheet on how to identify the triggers. 

Bonus #3

Get my amazingInfused waters to boost metabolism guide. This includes some fun ways to add some variety to your water taste!




PDF Title

Private Facebook Group

28 day meal suggestion guide

Shopping guide

Mindset and feelings journal

4 week training plan

Bonus: Inflammation cheat sheet

Bonus #2 Meal Prep tips guide

Bonus #3 Anti Aging Smoothie guide

Bonus #4 Stress Eating guide

Here’s what happens after you clickety-click that magical button!

  • Right after you pay, you’ll get a confirmation email.
  • Within 24 hours you will receive an email from me with all of the details about the private FB group and how to download your materials. 


Here are some of the results you can expect:

To feel amazing and strong!

Feel lighter, glow, and have tons of energy

Kick sugar cravings

Fire up your metabolism and burn belly fat.

Follow my step by step program for 3 months and you will be seeing lean muscle and feel AMAZING!!

This is a delicious adventure of discovery and releasing what’s no longer serving you – both physically and emotionally.

And when you learn to finally let go of it all, you can access amazing freedom of both body and mind.

Besides, who doesn’t want to look and feel their greatest today?

Prep week starts November 8th!

Hi!!! I am Molly!!!

I am an avid hiker, world traveler and dog mom.

My personal journey with health and fitness has fueled my desire to help women like me.  I help ambitious women that love hiking find balance and a healthy relationship with food. I help them get stronger inside and out with effective and short workouts. 

I have a Masters Degree in Exercise Physiology, am a Certified Personal Trainer and a Certified Nutrition Coach.

xoxoxox Coach Molly



Private Facebook Group

28 day meal suggestion guide

Shopping guide

Mindset and feelings journal

4 week training plan

Bonus: Inflammation cheat sheet

Bonus #2 Meal Prep tips guide

Bonus #3 Anti Aging Smoothie guide

Bonus #4 Stress Eating guide