About Molly

Hi, I am Molly

Welcome! I am Molly Clark, nutrition coach and personal trainer just for you - the super busy, active and ambitious woman who is ready to lose fat, get lean and fit for life. You are ready to be over filled with natural energy, and change your relationship with food once and for all.
Our stories are different but I bet we share some similarities: Has this ever happened to you?
I tried to be perfect.
When I felt I did not achieve perfection I went down the self sabotage path.
I stopped taking care of me.
I stopped trusting myself.
I could not get back to a healthy schedule.
I felt overwhelmed, exhausted and alone.

Today, I work with women that are driven and strive for perfection however struggle with prioritizing their health.
I am here for you.
xoxoxox Coach Molly

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My nutrition philosophy

Nutrition does not have to be complicated. I make it simple. I teach you how to eat and prepare whole nutrient dense foods. I can help you shift your mindset from fad diets and self hatred to happiness, self acceptance and love.