6 Week Metabolic Reboot

This is for YOU! If you are ready to ditch the diet and learn how to nourish your body with nutrient dense foods. This is for you if you are ready for energizing fat burning workouts (30 min and less) designed by me! This is for you if you are ready to get lean and fit for life. You will learn mindset and habit techniques that you can use FOREVER.


  • A private Facebook group with group support and coached by me! 
  • A daily journal and journal exercises.
  • A recipe guide designed to help you create nourishing healthy meals. 
  • 6 weeks of fat burning high intensity interval and strength training workouts.
  • A full preparation week of videos to help set you up for success. The video library includes goal setting exercises, snack ideas, how to set up your macros on your plate, food preparation, all about foods that cause inflammation, sleep/ rest/ recovery, and mindset strategies to help you through the challenging days!! 

30 Refresh

This is for you if you have been active and are feeling stuck. This is for you if you want accountability and are eager to change. 


  • One 90 min strategy session with me via zoom or Skype.
  • My 21 day healthy recipe guide
  • A journal ( delivered electronically) to help you with goal setting and mindset
  • Following our 90 min call I will send you a 4 week customized fitness plan with videos. 
  • A 60 minute follow up session at the end of the month. 

90 day transformation

This is for you if are ready to get to the bottom of it. You are ready to create lasting change. You desire accountability, motivation and inspiration. You have been doing the same things over and over and feel frustrated. You don’t have to feel overwhelmed anymore. 

Each month you get:

  • Two 90 minute strategy sessions where we focus on goals and strategy.
  • Two 30 minute check ins.
  • My 21 day healthy recipe guide.
  • A journal ( delivered electronically) 
  • A customized fitness plan complete with exercise videos.

21 day mindset DIY course